About Empowerment Through Education

About Us

Founded by Amy Carrier in 2012, the Empowerment Through Education Consultancy seeks to support schools, districts and business in delivering high quality, tailored 21st century skills and workforce readiness programs and curriculum to students.  The goal is to build sustainable school-based models supported by viable, engaged business partnerships.  The partnerships may provide employees as mentors to engage directly with schools to make workplace readiness learning experiences real and relevant to students. Amy and her team accomplish this by:

  • Conducting audits to assess current climates and determining feasibility
  • Tailoring a plan and lead the way to establish new partnership-supported programs
  • Facilitating meetings among constituents to build understanding and consensus
  • Training businesses, faculty, administration and district leaders
  • Developing long-range plans for sustainability and adoption
  • Building new systems to support equitable delivery and expansion


Amy and her former student, Roshanah on Graduation Day 2010

Contact Amy Carrier

Click here to contact Amy and learn more about how your school, district, organization or business can provide essential life and career readiness lessons to students today. All of our tomorrows are depending on it. 

A Conversation We Need To Have

Amy is bringing the issues of student readiness for college, work and life to the forefront and changing the conversation. We have to create all of the conditions necessary for our students' success. Amy has built solutions that work, she knows what stands in our way -- and most importantly she wants to talk about what we stand to gain by doing this work right.

Amy Carrier’s Expertise

Amy Carrier has been a pioneer in the development of programs, resources and initiatives in education since 2000. Her unique voice and message of bringing together schools with the resources in their communities has resonated throughout her work in the classroom and the world.

She has developed organizations, missions and programs all focused on connecting resources with schools to better prepare students for life post-high school. She brings a breadth of experience and perspective from her work in a classroom, a school district, several states, a national office and most recently, in East Africa. Amy is an excellent speaker, communicator and motivator for the cause of access to resources and equity in education. [Read more...]

More than a Trend

The movement in education towards solutions that address the social-emotional learning needs of students is timely.  Amy's work began in this area in 2000 when work readiness and school-to-career initiatives were referring to these "nice to have" skill sets as Soft Skills.  They were just as critical to student learning and life readiness as they are now, but the conversation is now gaining traction with the advent of Common Core and increasing numbers of students with social, emotional and learning challenges in our nation's schools.

The work to be done requires a keen understanding of what works, what does not work and the systemic challenges inherent in changing education culture.


"As a former teacher and a parent, I know how crucial it is to prepare and empower students for life after they leave school. Amy Carrier’s work serves this need in an important way."

- John R. Connolly
Boston City Councilor At-Large