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Which kids are at risk? All of them.

The list of challenges, pressures, tests, emotional triggers, societal dictates and stressors is longer than ever. Every child is susceptible. Every kid is in need of support.

Every child goes through a period when they rebel against their parents; this is a part of exploring self, freedom and creating independence. The same parents who feel unable to connect with their child often wish for an elder or a coach who can take their child under their wing and guide their budding young adult towards positive decisions during the struggle for independence.

My Private Coaching Services:

I offer a private coaching service to families that allows me to continue to engage directly with teens and pre-teens. I love my work and I love having the freedom to build a movement and remain a teacher. Coaching young people fuels me to move forward in my consulting work with institutions, school districts, schools and organizations. I am inspired by each child I work with and it lights the fire within me to move forward with much of my advocacy work: changing the conversation we are having about the American education system.

Now is the perfect time: I only take a few family clients at one time as my schedule permits. I have openings for summer 2014 and the 2014-2015 academic year. Summer is the perfect time to get coaching for your child in preparation of the upcoming academic year. And yes, it will be fun. My family contract actually says I will take your kiddo to the zoo if it seems right. Tomorrow, in fact, I am getting pedicures with one of my clients for our end of year celebration. It was her request.

My personal coaching and mentorship is completely tailored to your child’s gifts, needs, challenges and independent spirit. I review academics, teacher recommendations, and discuss family issues, challenges and blocks. My curriculum is tailored to your child and your family’s goals. Families have found that it is much easier for me to take on some of those “battles” you face with your child using the gifts I have to empower the child through that which they resist. I love the outcome of this work because it allows parents to spend more time being the good guys and families spend less time arguing about habits and choices that would benefit from private coaching, rather than punishment or nagging.

Take a look at my curriculum to get a sense of the skills I help children develop. They all need far more skills than they are learning in school and certainly more coping mechanisms. While I am working on building a movement to change the education system and move it towards adoption and inclusion of empowerment curriculum, I would love to work with your child to help change the climate in your home and the confidence in her or his heart.

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I can only take a few kids under my wing at a time, and am actively seeking kids and parents who need guidance and support.

Click here to contact me if you would like to talk more about how I can help you and how my coaching works.

References are available. You might want to click here and read feedback from some of my former students or families in their own words.

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Amy Carrier and her former student Roshanah on graduation day.