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6 Things We Can Do To Help Aleppo, Syria

In a Facebook Live Video, Amy Carrier talked about what we can do to help our brothers and sisters in Aleppo, Syria. Watch: 6 Things We Can Do To Help Aleppo, Syria.  Follow Amy on Facebook, Subscribe on YouTube. Live Streamed on Dec 17, 2016 Amy’s Facebook Live engaged an initial audience of 1600+ for her discussion…

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Meet Career Coach Amy Carrier

Career Coaching Services for Adults & Teens Provided by Amy Carrier Meet Coach Amy: For over ten years I have been a career adviser and life coach to hundreds of people. I also work as an activist for including entrepreneurship, career and life skills readiness programming in the education system through my personal passion, Empowerment…

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Five Key Post-Secondary Preparations

  Bridging The Greatest Opportunity Divide The heart of Amy Carrier’s model and mission. This work is copyrighted 2012-2016 © Perhaps the greatest opportunity divide that exists for all American K-12 public school students is the unsupported transition between high school and adulthood. Students are ill-prepared and sent into the world without adequate knowledge, skills, and…

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YOU Play A Role In Preventing Childhood Trauma

  The entire community is responsible for a child’s well-being. Everything is about relationships. Our interpersonal relationships with children are those that most people are aware of. However, as adults, there is a communal relationship we have to children that most people are unaware of – and in many ways, it is one that is just as…

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Most School-Business Partnerships Fail. Here Are 20 Free Tips From a Pro

Here’s the reality: Most school-business partnerships fail. Why? They need a third-party in the early stages to establish a mutually beneficial, reciprocal partnership agreement and ensure that all the sticky questions are asked and answered, but almost none have such a person looking out for both sides. Unfortunately, (and not dissimilar from other types of…

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A Call To Action for All Grown-ups

Dear Awesome Grown-up, Do you know how important you are?   You are important for many reasons. You do important work, you make a difference in the lives of those you love, and you’re so darned witty – and generally more so on Friday nights for some reason. You’re important to your team at work. You’re…

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