What’s Your Mantra? Amy speaks with Albert Nashon

two people smiling in the camera

Nairobi-based Youth Entrepreneurship mentor teacher in my Global Classroom, Albert Nashon, believes everyone should have a mantra to help them in their journey of life. I absolutely agree! Watch this 2 minute video of me chatting with Albert to learn why. And tell me, what is your mantra?

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We Need More Innovators – I Know Where To Find Them

A chart on new business creation

Not only is the innovation/start-up/incubator world a significant sector of the global and many local economies, as the source of new business, it is also the best indicator to show us what our future will look like. Unfortunately for all of us, growth in this sector has been slowing. As an educator, I am concerned with preparing…

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Join my Team! Let’s DISRUPT Education and (Un)Employment!

A world map with people's faces on it

Want to SOLVE the IMPENDING #UnemploymentCrisis? Want to #DisruptEducation? JOIN MY START-UP TEAM! For the past 9 months I have been building an experiment – a global virtual classroom to prove 2 things: That it is not only viable to teach students #EmployabilitySkills, they are begging for a new way to learn these skills that…

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Stop Saying Education is the Solution to Poverty

Photo of old rusty car in grassy field

I have spent my career in the field of education, spanning the United States and several parts of the world. So often, I have heard leaders, “experts” and institutions make the claim that “education is the key to ending poverty.” This is only part of the answer and it will not work alone. There are…

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6 Things We Can Do To Help Aleppo, Syria

In a Facebook Live Video, Amy Carrier talked about what we can do to help our brothers and sisters in Aleppo, Syria. Watch: 6 Things We Can Do To Help Aleppo, Syria.  Follow Amy on Facebook, Subscribe on YouTube. Live Streamed on Dec 17, 2016 Amy’s Facebook Live engaged an initial audience of 1600+ for her discussion…

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Meet Career Coach Amy Carrier

Career Coaching Services for Adults & Teens Provided by Amy Carrier Meet Coach Amy: For over ten years I have been a career adviser and life coach to hundreds of people. I also work as an activist for including entrepreneurship, career and life skills readiness programming in the education system through my personal passion, Empowerment…

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Five Key Post-Secondary Preparations

  Bridging The Greatest Opportunity Divide The heart of Amy Carrier’s model and mission. This work is copyrighted 2012-2016 © Perhaps the greatest opportunity divide that exists for all American K-12 public school students is the unsupported transition between high school and adulthood. Students are ill-prepared and sent into the world without adequate knowledge, skills, and…

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