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Just Announced!  Amy Carrier Engages Two Leaders for a Fireside Chat

Amy Carrier will be delivering the mid-day keynote address at the 2014 INSPIRE conference in Norwood, MA on October 23, 2014. She will speak on developing high-value partnerships that teach students real-world skills and prepare them for success in life after graduation. As part of her talk, Amy will engage two leaders from education and business on…

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Top Ten Attitudes to Take Back to School This Year

This list is for everyone. Teachers, school leaders, coaches, parents, community members, students… basically anyone who has ever known, loved or been a kid. If that’s you, read on. Wherever you are heading this September, I recommend you pack these attitudes in your backpack/briefcase/Louis Vuitton/lunchbox. And I suggest packing them along side your self-confidence (they’re already…

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Amy’s Private Coaching for Teens

Which kids are at risk? All of them. The list of challenges, pressures, tests, emotional triggers, societal dictates and stressors is longer than ever. Every child is susceptible. Every kid is in need of support. Every child goes through a period when they rebel against their parents; this is a part of exploring self, freedom and…

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Follow my Articles for LinkedIn

Follow Amy Carrier on LinkedIn. I am a contributing writer on Please read my first piece on school shootings, spurred by this week’s tragic 74th shooting since Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012. Be sure to follow me on LinkedIn for more articles on education. Most recent: The New Childhood: Living In An…

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Yet One More School Shooting

I had another more theoretical blog in the works for June but one more school shooting breaking news headline is taking over my head and my heart right now. I’m feeling quite desperate and so are countless parents and family members of children at Reynolds High School in Portland, Oregon right now. I am at…

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Differentiation for Real Life (Part 2)

Okay, so you get the concept of differentiation and its role in helping students think about where they belong in society. (Haven’t read Part 1 of this series? Click here.) Your dreams are different from mine, so our kids’ dreams differ from each other child’s as well. Where, then, do we start differentiating for real life? Answer:…

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Differentiation for Real Life (Part 1)

Student-centered. Differentiated. Tailored instruction. Individualized learning plans.  No matter what you call it, we’re talking about helping our students take different avenues to the same learning objective. Each of these buzzwords and phrases suggests that we teach in such a way that we are reaching – and having an important impact on – the individual…

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Amy Carrier’s 5 minute IGNITE presentation with audio

Finally turned my slides from my 2013 IGNITE presentation at the 2013 National Institute for Student Centered Education INSPIRE conference into a SlideShare presentation with audio… only to learn that they are disabling the audio track feature as of Friday 2/28. ***So get it while you can!*** Five minutes of your time gets you a…

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