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Amy Carrier

Does Your Teen Need Additional Support?

Exclusive teen coaching by a former teacher, accomplished social innovator & leader in rethinking education Teens (and their parents) face multiple challenges during their school career: College application process Executive functioning skills Academics Study habits Self-awareness and confidence in skills & gifts Telling their story on applications Life skills College & career planning Career & job…

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The Fallacy of Career Pathways in Education

Your Career Path Wasn’t Mapped Out Ahead of Time. Our Kids’ Won’t Be Either. But We CAN Prepare Them. Imagine being handed a plan, a prescription of steps to take if you will, at the age of 16 or 17 that will get you to age 30, or 45, or 65. It’s laughable, and kind of depressing to…

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What Good Can Blogging Do?

A lot of good. Maybe more GOOD than we can imagine. Why? Let me tell you how 7 teenage voices will change the world. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the game changers! It all started with a little conversation that, when summed up greatly, went something like this: “Getting our voices out there matters?  How do…

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I Was Asked About Ferguson

“What are some real/practical solutions to the Ferguson issue and the Fergusons across the nation?” That’s a huge question. My friend posed it on Facebook and said she is collecting answers. I have one average to huge sized answer. It does not address all of the facets of the issue, the history and the complex…

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Top Ten Attitudes to Take Back to School This Year

This list is for everyone. Teachers, school leaders, coaches, parents, community members, students… basically anyone who has ever known, loved or been a kid. If that’s you, read on. Wherever you are heading this September, I recommend you pack these attitudes in your backpack/briefcase/Louis Vuitton/lunchbox. And I suggest packing them along side your self-confidence (they’re already…

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