Does Your Teen Need Additional Support?


Exclusive teen coaching by a former teacher, accomplished
social innovator
& leader in rethinking education

Teens (and their parents) face multiple challenges during their school career:

  • College application process

  • Executive functioning skills

  • Academics

  • Study habits

  • Self-awareness and confidence in skills & gifts

  • Telling their story on applications

  • Life skills

  • College & career planning

  • Career & job coaching

I meet teens wherever they are and bring them back in – to their own success, confidence and readiness for the future.

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From a parent:

“Ms. Carrier’s lessons were the perfect segue for my daughter to prepare for real life situations – for what she is bound to encounter in her future. It provided her with a preview of what it would feel like to be seen as a professional adult. This is an important aspect of life.”

From a student:

“Ms. Carrier’s positive/reaffirming teaching style was one that I needed in order to
build self-confidence, graduate, and pursue a meaningful career.”

– Former student & Harvard graduate


  • Identify the unique needs of the student and crafting an individual plan with short and long term goals
  • Tailored instruction focused on areas of academic improvement, self-management, behavior and personal choices
  • Weekly 2-hour in person coaching with weekly check-in calls plus regular communication with parents
  • Leveraging a large personal network to connect students with mentors, internships and other opportunities


  • One on one coaching focused on student – at home and off-site
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Identification of gifts and talents
  • Life mapping & college/career planning
  • Tailored plan pulling from proven curriculum & methods


  • Coaching begins on site in the home and develops from there (Metro Boston area)
  • Trust is developed with the student by establishing a safe space for sharing
  • Amy takes leadership on discussions with students that otherwise provide struggles for families
  • Minimum 3-month commitment, 6-months highly recommended

Additional Family Communication Coaching:

Once I start working with teens, I often see gaps in communication between teens and parents. I offer additional coaching services for families that enable fresh, open conversations and empower teens to find healthy ways to speak up. I help families navigate those tricky topics and encourage structured, goal-oriented discussion. Typical engagements:

  • 8 sessions, first weekly then every other week
  • Dinner-table, non-confrontational discussion
  • My role is advocate for your teen and I lead the discussion
  • Goal-setting oriented discussion around topics I see most amiss in families including:
    • Space
    • Privacy
    • Structure
    • Boundaries
    • Consistency
    • Personal time
    • Screen time
    • Communication

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About Amy Carrier:

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Amy Carrier, Founder and CEO of Empowerment Through Education, is an outspoken leader and entrepreneur rethinking how we empower and educate our children and teenagers. While working with schools, districts and businesses to develop learning opportunities that prepare students for life, college and career success, Amy maintains a private practice where she works with 3-4 teens and their parents.

Amy has worked in American education at the national, state, district and classroom level. She designed and created an award-winning program that teaches high school students executive functioning, entrepreneurship and career readiness. She has taught and coached hundreds of teenagers. Her methods work, her passion is undeniable. She works as an advisor to school leaders to develop new programs and coaches teachers on her proven instructional methods. She is a speaker and writer. Amy has appeared on CNN to discuss the value of teaching entrepreneurship in the classroom.

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