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   Amy Carrier's Classroom

Amy Carrier's Classroom is a virtual classroom that serves the purpose of teaching young minds how to set up their own businesses and capture the essence of Entrepreneurship, Career Readiness & Soft Skills. The founder's, Amy Carrier's, vision is to make it as global as possible to reduce unemployment from every corner of the world.



Many styles of learning

Collaboration between students

Multiple mentors offer specific guidance


Relationship building

Optimal place for global networking

Short and long instructional videos


To teach Entrepreneurship and Career readiness to individuals from all around the world in order to reduce unemployment. By connecting people globally, we can empower each other to build the peaceful and fair world in which we all want to live!

 This group is the future of teaching and learning:


 Online Business

 Career Skills


Meet Our Team of Mentors

Volunteer mentor teachers give an hour a week to teach their expertise. Learn more about this incredible team from around the world.


Founder/ CEO

Amy Carrier

Boston, Massachussets, USA

Amy is a career readiness and entrepreneurship teacher who has created programs and curriculum to teach young people and adults how to become career ready, confident, and the builders of socially conscious businesses of the future. Amy is the founder of Amy Carrier's Classroom and Empowerment Through Education. In her own words:
"My passion is teaching young people, women, and anyone who would like to build a socially conscious business or organization how to become an entrepreneur! I strongly believe that all young people should be taught entrepreneurship and the "rules to the game of life" while they're still in their school systems around the world. I am even more passionate about teaching entrepreneurship to the millions of children who do not even have the opportunity to go to school."

Alex Bertlin GREY

Crypto Currency

Alex Bertlin

Växjö, Sweden

Alex is a cryptocurrency expert. You can ask him about Bitcoin and other digital currencies.In his own words:
"I educate people on cryptocurrency - what it is, why it is, who's going to use it and how to take advantage of becoming an early adopter. The market is new and there is massive growth taking place.We focus on the mass market and therefore we create a simple system that anyone can understand and follow.Facebook is my absolute best tool to spread education, feel free to follow or send a friend request for more information."

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Social Entrepreneurship

Albert Nashon

Nairobi, Kenya

A Kenyan born Social Impact Entrepreneur, passionate about transformational Leadership, youth development and innovative entrepreneurship applying human centered design thinking for sustainable development amongst talented but limited kids and youth living in low income communities. Albert is gifted as a Public Speaker, Personal Development and branding Trainer and Moderator at local and International private and corporate gatherings, delving into Events Management & Planning. Founder at The Slumcode Group - a Social Enterprise organization improving lives of the less privileged with skills to build purpose, skill and sustainability. He is a Director at CYNNEDGE – PR and Patron of Alpreneurs Business Group.


South East Asian Markets

PJ Entrepreneur

Manila, Philippines

PJ Entrepreneur is a serial founder, investor, entrepreneur and mentor with 50 years of business experience. Since 2000 he has been living and creating businesses in SE Asia and currently spends most of his time on the Silicon Valley of the East, Shenzhen, China. Since retiring in 2010 PJ lives the digital nomad lifestyle spending most of his time helping other entrepreneurs and making connections with people worldwide to do business ventures together. PJ was the first Startup Grind Speaker in Shenzhen.


Intentional & Evolutionary Leadership

Arthie Moore

Johannesburg, South Africa

Arthie Moore is highly successful Entrepreneur, International Facilitator and Motivational Speaker.  Celebrating Humanity International Pty Ltd and Ki Leadership International Pty Ltd, that operates nationally and internationally over the last 20 years. She specialises in exclusive Leadership Training and Consulting for Executive teams. Her impact expands to top levels of Government, Boards of Directors, Universities, Schools, Orphanages, Youth and Women Empowerment programs. She is a Certified Leadership Coach, Mentor and Speaker and internationally accredited Values Based Leadership Specialist. She is determined to change entire countries with her innovate Compassionate Leadership model


Live Video Tech

Leland Best

Corunna, Michigan, USA

Founder/CEO of Best Conceptions LLC, located in Corunna, MI, USA. Leland wears several hats, but is most known as the Producer and Host of #BCBLive. Leland has used his talents to serve several Fortune 500's, including Ameritech, CVS, AT&T, Kmart, and Sprint. Leland currently follows his passion as an author, vlogger, video producer, website builder and all around social media afficiando, under the brands: BCBLive!™, LelandBestLIVE™, Megabit Marketing™, Best Little Storehouse™


Leadership & Personal Growth

Jan Robberts

Johannesburg, South Africa

Jan Robberts is the Co-Founder of Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd based in South Africa and Invergordon, Scotland specializing in Leadership Development for Corporate as well as Youth Development.As an Executive Director and President’s Advisory Council member with the John Maxwell team, his focus is to change and impact the way Young Leaders are developed using world class, innovative methods that are proven internationally.His international experience gives him the perfect grounding to connect with young minds at any level.


Entrepreneurship for Beginners

Julia Neiman

Los Angeles, California, USA

Julia Neiman is an international bestselling author, youth entrepreneurship coach, and creator of Monetize Your Passion Academy.
Through 20 years working with disenfranchised teens, Julia experienced first hand life altering turn-arounds achieved when teens are supported in monetizing their passions. Today she is passionate about sharing these steps to entrepreneurial success with everyone.

Darin Strong Professional Headshot

Marketing & Lead Generation

Darin Strong

Corning, New York, USA

Darin lives on the East Coast of the United States in a small rural city in the Finger Lakes Region called Corning, New York. He has over 20 years in sales and marketing experience. His experience consists of selling marketing strategies in radio advertising, television advertising, print advertising and digital marketing. He has experience working in the health and fitness fields, hospitality industry, wine industry, financial industry and telecommunications industry. In 2017, Darin decided to start his own small digital marketing agency, Be Strong Business Solutions. Helping small businesses develop strategic digital marketing strategies to grow their business.


Social Impact & Avoiding Burnout

Davida Ginter

Kefar Blum, Israel

Davida is a social strategist with a background in journalism and the present processes facilitator. She is the founder of Be the Change, a center that supports leaders in cultivating their capacities to mobilize social change. Davida received her masters' degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden. She works globally with individuals, organizations and communities who are committed to sustainable development, and constantly use her experience with The Art of Participatory leadership and Non-Violent Communication. Driven by her passion for engaging with other people, she finds inspiration in exploring how we can unleash our power to create a positive impact.

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Technology and Knowledge

Leila Pais de Miranda

Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From Niterói, RJ, Brazil, Leila Pais de Miranda graduated in Production Engineering (UFRJ) and Systems Analysis (PUC-RJ). She worked for 15 years with Professional Training for Industry (SENAIDN) and educational technology. In 1996, she created Moleque de ideas, a learning space for children, based on free choice, affection and creativity. Moleque de Ideas is also a software producer, a maker space and a startups incubator. Recently, Leila coordinated collaborative projects with people in her close community and in several countries, mainly interested in co working. In 2018, she joined Amy Carrier's Classroom as a mentor in Technology and Knowledge.


Science Outreach & Eco-Tourism

Mohammad Qasim

Lahore, Pakistan

Qasim is a hydrologist, science communicator and Eco-tourism educator.  He is a Co-founder of Learning Geology which is a popular geoscience website and community. He has 5 years of experience in geoscience communication. His experience includes teaching geosciences online, establishing local and international linkages, conducting geoscience workshops and fostering geoscience outreach on various social media networks.
In 2017, he co-founded Pakistan’s first wilderness survival and outdoor education school. He organized first international workshop which brought a more sustainable approach to ecotourism in Pakistan. He believe that we can cope with our global crises with the powerful tool of education, and mastery of networking and collaboration.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Ambreen Pervez

Oslo, Norway

Ambreen is a Certified Trainer of NLP+ and a Master coach and Master hypnotherapist. She is a Criminologist by background and also holds a MA degree in Community studies. She took her both masters together. Ambreen is passionate about improvement of performance and personal development and impacting other people’s life. Her background in Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Techniques, Master Coaching and Master Hypnotherapy has enabled her to transform the lives of her clients globally by helping them achieve health, wealth and happiness. Achieving financial freedom by taking control of your thoughts and emotions enables you to be not only successful but also a fulfilled human being.


Well-Being Mentoring

Lisette Heijboer

Zwijndrecht, Netherlands

Lisette is a visionary and conscious Well-Being mentor and founder of Kaleidoscope-coaching based in the Netherlands. For 20 years she has a background in the finance world. In the last 10 years, she discovered what living your passion is all about. Focus on body & hormone balance, she became a health coach. Mindset area studies SpiritOn – Process Supervisor PIP (Personal Inspiration Process) & Inner circle by Albert Sonnevelt. The ‘Conscious Leadership Program’ at the Global Institute of Extraordinary Women (GIFEW) was the linking pin in becoming the person she is now. As a Well-being mentor and TEDx-speaker coach she works globally with individuals, organizations and communities who are committed to their authentic mission in life.

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