Join my Team! Let’s DISRUPT Education and (Un)Employment!

Want to SOLVE the IMPENDING #UnemploymentCrisis? Want to #DisruptEducation?


For the past 9 months I have been building an experiment – a global virtual classroom to prove 2 things:

  1. That it is not only viable to teach students #EmployabilitySkills, they are begging for a new way to learn these skills that fits into their lives and lifestyles.
  2. That students, young adults and older adults alike are all CRAVING knowledge and guidance for how to build businesses and careers that connect to the opportunities and challenges within their own communities .

Why? Because I have spent my entire career proving that we MUST teach students how to become #Entrepreneurs (Click here to watch my interview on CNN where I talk about the importance of teaching entrepreneurship to students in schools) and how to build meaningful careers that are connected to the needs and trends of today’s #GlobalWorkforce. 

Finally, after 15 years of preaching this message, everybody finally gets it.

My work, and the new platform that is being built out of this, is focused on teaching entrepreneurship, career skills and social-emotional strengths to students ages 12+.


I am currently seeking team members interested in joining this incredibly exciting start-up. We currently reach 5500+ students from 80+ countries with a team of 12 mentor teacher experts. These numbers reflect an experiment performed globally with 100% organic word-of-mouth marketing and zero investment dollars.


Now seeking energetic and innovative additions to the team. Are you interested in changing the future of education and working along side an innovator in education who has dedicated her entire career to disrupting the biggest gap that exists in the educational landscape (The gap between school and work)? If so, that’s me, and I want to hear from you!


1. Marketing & sales experts

2. Tech team members who know LMS platforms, Web design, & app development

3. Expert “mentor teachers” from around the world who already have proven methods and impact in teaching:

… Career skills

… Entrepreneurship

… Business skills

… Personal development skills

… Anything else you think is essential for preparing tomorrow’s workforce


These opportunities are pre-funding, so I’m looking for people with a start-up backbone and commitment to bringing a big solution to the impending unemployment crisis by creating an education model that ensures young people have the skills they need BEFORE they become part of the #UnskilledWorkforce statistics. We have already proven that the model is valuable to individuals and organizations who seek to learn and train other students and young adults critical #EmployabilitySkills. Everyone wants to ensure there are innovative and confident members of the workforce ready to tackle the world’s problems – great and small, global and local. If you want that too, we might just want you on our team!

Interested? Please send me a message here on #LinkedIn, add me as a new contact if you are not already in my network, and visit my website to learn more about what has brought me to the place I am today with my team… Looking for YOU!

My website:

My interview on #CNN in 2010 talking about the importance of teaching students how to become entrepreneurs:

About the Author:

Amy L. Carrier is an advocate for 21st century skills readiness, true education reform that puts children first and the “community as a classroom” model in education. She has been building new solutions in education since 2000. She is known for empowering teens to become entrepreneurs teaching them how to create their own unique solutions to problems in their communities. Amy has been interviewed on CNN about teaching business and entrepreneurship in schools.

Amy founded Empowerment Through Education in 2012 and serves as a coachspeakereducational consultant and advocate for educational change that puts children and their futures first.