Local Engagement in Education Yields Global Impact

Whether in our back yard or across the globe, students need adults to be engaged in their lives and show them the way. The most effective and ready way for us to bridge the gap between education and adulthood is through the involvement of community members in our schools and classrooms. We can and must build programs that are tailored to our schools and communities and deliver opportunities for students to learn critical life and career skills as they prepare to enter a global workforce. This doesn't require us to build new schools, instead, it requires us to think creatively and take an innovative approach.

Empowerment of Students in America

Amy’s work in education has spanned 14 years, several states and two continents. Her work is now focused on supporting schools, districts and employers in coming together to build new programs and systems that prepare students with the skills critical to real world success. Empowerment Through Education was born from her most powerful work to date which took place in an urban classroom in Boston. She taught hundreds of students over several years not just business and workplace skills, but also how to believe in their unique purpose in the world. [read more...]

Empowerment of Girls in Africa

The developing world has greater challenges, greater needs and different economic, cultural and educational barriers than we do in the United States. The basic need to empower children to believe in themselves, however, is no different.

Amy took her passion for student empowerment to some of the most disadvantaged children in the world. [read more...]

Bridging Students Globally

Empowering students to build a global community!

What happened when these students in Boston, Massachusetts (on the left) learned about these girls in Coastal Kenya (on the right) and their many sisters will touch your heart and make you believe in what our children are capable of when we empower them to follow their hearts. [read more...]

Free Global Classroom

Amy Carrier's Classroom is a virtual classroom that serves the purpose of teaching young minds how to set up their own businesses and capture the essence of Entrepreneurship, Career Readiness & Soft Skills. The founder's, Amy Carrier's, vision is to make it as global as possible to reduce unemployment from every corner of the world. [read more...]