What are you doing to change the world today?

No, really, what are you doing?  What would you like to do to change the world?

After twelve years in education at various levels and looking at the system from many angles, I have seen the challenges, the realities and the opportunities for change within the American education system.

The reality is that there is much YOU can do to help.  We must all be advocates for change in the education system.  Whether you have or plan to have children or not, you were once a student yourself which makes you an informed member of the community-level action that must take place.  In addition to being a member of your community, you are also, very likely, an employee or employer who will soon work alongside members of tomorrow’s workforce.

There is a great need for your time, support, expertise and involvement – but the problem I have come to see as THE barrier to bridging those who can help (you) with those who greatly need help (schools and students) is that there is not a clear way to open that door and have an impact.

Bridging Schools with Businesses & Community Resources
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This is a HUGE problem – and one with an answer but the answer requires a bit of time and commitment from both schools and community members alike.  Let’s put less of the onus on the schools to fix the system – they simply cannot fix the problems alone.  I have worked with many schools and I’ve been a teacher in an urban classroom.  I speak from experience when I say that our schools, teachers and principals have far too much on their plates.
My work, my career and my love for students in the United States and Africa has taught me many things.  The most important of them all is this:  it truly takes a village to raise children and prepare them for all that the world will expect from them.  WE are the village and we have MUCH to give.  Let’s start now.   Let’s start building bridges between schools and the plethora of resources available in our communities.
I’m very proud to announce the launch of my website – and my work – committed to this bridge building.  Join me in supporting schools in new and valuable ways destined to better prepare children to become the leaders of change our world looks to them to become.
Now I ask you again, what are you doing to change the world today?  Could it be possible that the best answer to this question lies in your opportunity to have great and lasting impact in a school in your own back yard?

If so, let’s start the discussion – and let’s get to work.  
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